Monday, February 5, 2007

Recruiting and Internships in Technology Session Summary - Feb 1st

Women in Computing's (WinC) "Recruiting and Internships in Technology" event that was held on Thursday, February 1st was a great success! We had over 70 people show up, when we were expecting around 40.

Students looking for a full-time, part-time, or internship position came to meet our panel of extraordinary women technologists. A VP from Morgan Stanley and two IBM representatives came, one of which included Sandy Carter,the Vice President of SOA and WebSphere strategy, Channels and Marketing of IBM Corporation. They talked about their work, what exactly they do, what companies they work with, and what is in store for the future of technology. They shared their expert advice on how to manage and successfully execute the job hunt, and how they themselves reached the high level status in their own careers.

After the panel discussion,students got a chance to ask questions and enjoy refreshments (compliments to Patsy's Pizzeria). They also got the chance to talk to all three of our panelists, and to personally give them their resumes. This event was a fantastic networking opportunity to mingle with some very important, high power women.

This event's success is due to the hard work of the WinC team. However, we would like more people to get involved and help continue the burgeoning growth of Women in Computing. In order to serve our WInC members better, we strive to constantly hosts events and activities that will benefit you to the fullest extent. If you are interested in lending a helping hand, or have some idea/interest in a specific area and would like to pursue such, let us know! We would greatly appreciate it. Thanks to all that attended-Hope you took full advantage of a great opportunity!

The next WinC meeting
Monday, February 12th
8pm, Room 1314 Warren Weaver Hall

Hope to see you all there!
Below is a link to the blog of Sandy Carter, one of our speakers at the event :
Sandy Carter Blog

Christine Lee