Thursday, January 28, 2010

NYU Open Source Club Visit

The NYU Open Source Club visited IBM 11 Madison. Andy Smith of IBM talked about Apache Shindig and OpenSocial - and how to start contributing:

- Contributing Code Examples:

Here are some links related to some earlier work we did on OpenSocial:

- Build a pureXML and JSON application, Part 1: Store and query JSON with DB2 pureXMLAdopt a simple JSON-to-XML mapping

- Build a pureXML and JSON application, Part 2: Create Universal Services for pureXML that expose JSON Configure, deploy, and test JSON Universal Services on a JSONx store

- Build a pureXML and JSON application, Part 3: Create OpenSocial gadgets for pureXML Define, deploy, and test OpenSocial gadgets to interact with JSON Universal Services

Here are some links for finding internships at IBM:
* Jobs at IBM (you can search by country)
* Extreme Blue at IBM

One of the visiting students had already had a 6 month internship at IBM in Beijing working on the systems for the Olympics. He said that the offices in IBM 11 Madison looked like IBM in Beijing.

We also discussed the database classes at NYU and ate Liquorice Allsorts. One of the students ate Bertie Bassett

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